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Colgante con letra inicial, collar de oro, cadena de eslabones cubanos


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Tipo de collar: Collares pendientes
Tipo de cadena: Cadena de eslabones
Tipo de artículo: Collares
Forma\patrón: GEOMÉTRICO
Metal base: chapado en oro.
Tipo de producto: Collar colgante
Colgante de letra: Longitud: 20 mm Ancho: 16 mm Peso: 5,7 g

Customer Reviews

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Jason Cumberledge
It was cool

I like it

Joyita D
Pretty nice. Chain is a little bit long if you are short. Pendant is the goat

For what it is, the necklace is alright. The chain itself is clunky (thicc, like probably 2-3mm) and kinda long, It stops in the center of my chest but I knew what I was getting before I bought it. I plan to wear it with a 14k cable chain so the vibe is less intense because it is a bit of a centerpiece jewelry item. The pendant, on the other hand, is the star of the show. The checkered back reflects the light in a cool way and I like it so much honestly I might wear it the wrong way around instead. But the front is cute too.

You get what you pay for

Not sure of durability
I bought this as a gift for my son for Christmas.
It looks nice. All those complaining it looks cheap to make me smile...
It's a ten-dollar necklace so why do you expect it?
Solid gold? Smh.
Again, it's COSTUME jewelry. Do you expect Dom Perignon for the cost of Miller high life? Get outta here with that noise

Great for the price! More yellow but still a great piece!

Similar to other reviewers I bought this after thinking that a similar item from another retailer was too expensive for what it was.

This is a good quality substantial pendant that has great detail and is made well. The chain it comes with is not great, again similar to other reviewers, I bought a different chain on Amazon.

The reason I gave this four stars instead of five is that it is a bit too yellow to match my real gold jewelry. It’s not a dealbreaker but just be aware when layering chains.

One tip I will give you is to use a chain you already have to measure the length you want or use a piece of string around your neck to measure. The same size that fits on one person will not look the same on another based on body type.

Cute and reasonably priced

My son loves his new chain with his initial. He immediately started wearing it as soon as it arrived. Looks like the real thing but doesn’t have the weight like the real thing. All in all, it is a nice accessory as a gift. Hopefully, it doesn’t start changing colors.

Colgante con letra inicial, collar de oro, cadena de eslabones cubanos

Colgante con letra inicial, collar de oro, cadena de eslabones cubanos