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Reloj chapado en rodio y banda negra con collar con colgante de cruz, conjunto de joyería


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Acerca de este artículo

  • Tipo de Metal: Chapado en rodio
  • Dimensiones pulgadas:
  • Esfera del reloj 2.02 LX 1.93 WX .45 H;
  • Reloj 10 LX .78 WX .18 H ;
  • cadena de eslabones 35 LX .15 WX .15 H ;
  • Cruz 2,45 LX 1,18 WX 0,13 alto;
  • Cierre de langosta
  • Es un gran regalo para él: el accesorio masculino perfecto para el día a día.
  • Es un gran regalo para papá, hermano, hijo, nieto, abuelo, esposo, novio, millennial, adolescente, mejor amigo o cualquier hombre especial en tu vida.
  • Looks ideales para ocasiones especiales, fiestas, reuniones de negocios, eventos especiales, citas nocturnas, bar mitzvah, viajes, vacaciones o cualquier evento festivo.
  • Bolsa de regalo incluida: cada compra viene con un empaque de joyería clásico que agrega el toque perfecto de elegancia para regalar o guardarlo.
  • Marca de diseñador: inspirada en el rock and roll y las raíces de Nueva York,
  • La visión de Steve Madden de brindar a mujeres y hombres una salida para expresar su individualidad es innovadora, atrevida e inspiradora. Su comprensión de las tendencias y su fuerza de voluntad incomparable han impulsado sus diseños a la vanguardia de la moda. Ha ampliado la marca Steve Madden hasta convertirla en un verdadero estilo de vida y destino para calzado, bolsos y accesorios.
  • Se trata de autenticidad.
  • Se trata de abrazar la individualidad.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Works well, looks good

It's a nice, slim watch with a large face that doesn't cost a lot. Very practical and actually gets noticed from time to time because it doesn't look like the standard Fossil or Seiko. It keeps accurate time and has not been damaged by the occasional bump (I work in an office, not sure if you could wear it on a construction site).

Terrence Rhude
Simple good-looking value watch

Super surprised at the quality of this product! Bought it for my husband for Christmas so I just peeked in the box but this looks so nice and sleek.

Gil C. Schmidt
After 35 years, a change of mind

I stopped using watches about 35 years ago. My wrists were unencumbered by antiquated time-telling devices that modern technology had replaced. (That's what my cell phone is for.) But: I felt the need for a fashion makeover, a new style, something that would say, "Yeah, I've made a change."

So I went searching for watches...in 2016. Yeah. I wasn't really buying into the whole "Strap a watch on again" idea. Then I saw the Bureau. Black. That's good. Sleek. I get it. No numbers. Perfect, as i already know what the hand positions mean. Flexible metal band. Okay, let's rock that. So I took the plunge, finally, and bought a watch to complete my personal makeover process.

It arrived in a few days, I adjusted the band the way Burei showed me to do (sent me an email with a nifty video), and... Damn if I don't get a kick out wearing it! It looks great, and calls very little attention to itself, but it looks great with pretty much everything I choose to wear. It looks classy and was a wonderful investment. I may not buy another watch for 35...weeks. I am very pleased and highly recommend this watch.

Kurt Parker
Great budget watch

So, just to start off with, I'm not a watch guy. I don't typically wear watches, since I use my cellphone as a clock when I'm out and about. I did want a watch to go along with my wardrobe when I'm dressed up nicely for fancier occasions, though.

That's what brought me to this watch. I needed an expensive-looking watch that didn't break the bank. For a fraction of the cost of a "name brand" watch, this one tells time and looks nice. Beyond looks, it FEELS high quality. I was honestly expecting it to feel light/cheaply constructed, but I was wrong. This thing is made of metal and has some weight to it.

The strap is nice, too. Highly adjustable, and hides the excess strap underneath itself on your wrist. I can't speak to long-term/everyday use, because that's not why I bought this, but for my occasional use, this thing is perfect.

Great Price, Great Quality

Really great product. Can't beat its price and quality. I've had watches 10 times its price that felt much cheaper. This watch is elegant and perfect for everyday use. Plus the packaging is exceptional. Before I bought this I was nervous about the strap being hard to configure based on other reviews, but I found it to be quite obvious.

Reloj chapado en rodio y banda negra con collar con colgante de cruz, conjunto de joyería

Reloj chapado en rodio y banda negra con collar con colgante de cruz, conjunto de joyería