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Énorme visage militaire Sport étanche chronomètre Date alarme lumineux élastique montres-bracelets


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  • Montre de sport multifonctionnelle : double affichage numérique analogique, format militaire 12/24 heures, calendrier (jour, date et mois), chronomètre, carillon horaire, réveil et fonction temps partagé.
  • Grand design lourd : la partie numérique peut être éclairée, les aiguilles lumineuses avec un grand cadran, vous pouvez lire clairement l'heure de jour comme de nuit.
  • Précis et confortable : le mouvement à quartz japonais importé de haute qualité garantit une heure précise, le bracelet en silicone souple et la boucle libre vous apportent un port confortable.
  • Étanchéité 3 ATM : résistance à l'eau pour la vie quotidienne, comme la protection contre les éclaboussures, mais pas pour la plongée, la natation ou la douche. Un contact trop important avec l'eau réduira la durée de vie de la montre. Veuillez n'appuyer sur aucun bouton sous l'eau

Customer Reviews

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Super User friendly!

There are several things that I like about this watch. The style of it is beautiful and well crafted. The watch face includes a traditional analog clock, but it also includes a digital clock in 24hr format. This is great for anyone who travels or is in a military/first responder role. Finally, compared to other watches we have previously purchased, setting the day, date and time of the digital face is SO much easier and user friendly. It comes in a small black box which can easily be wrapped if you are planning to use this as a gift.

Great Price Great Watch!

Things I liked;
- Arrived on time
- Exactly as advertised so far
- Great for the price
- Looks classic without being to flashy
- Big face and overall bulk for my wrist
- Easy to setup everything
- Light works great in the dark

Disclosure; Opinion is based on first impression and only after a few days of use.

As long as it holds up I won't update this review.

Dominic Hofer
Excellent and INEXPENSIVE

i love watches and needed to replace my broken watch and needed a replacement in a hurry. This product is a steal very inexpensive and seems to be reliable and durable thus far. I had this timepiece for over two months and it is
still holding up, accurate time and clean and no wear showing. My only complaint is I did not receive an instruction booklet to set alarm etc.

Warren Heyne
Fabulous style a great men's watch.

Fabulous style a great men's watch. After reading all the reviews I liked the watch and purchased it. I chose the silver and black and glad I did. Some mention to big of a face. I'm 6 feet with average wrist and it looks great. The design of the strap coming into the watch compliments the overall look. Went over the instructions and had both times displaying accurate time in less than five minutes. The band may be a little thin but is the same thickness as my smart watch. Time will tell relating to other post. But if your not a beast with it and treat it like something that could be delicate at that moment it should be fine. I will update if this is not the case. I do agree if the band does break may not find one to replace it. But that could be as well if when it dies battery wise in replacing the battery.. Hopefully it last two years and you by another one if still available. Overall great looking watch with numerous functions, even has the capability to sound on the hour. Came this way as default and can be turned off. I recommend if you really want this watch. Update This is my second watch like this. I happened to break the lens on the first one. I like the style of this watch. If you think its to big, it is not. Has many functions. I recommend this watch.

Énorme visage militaire Sport étanche chronomètre Date alarme lumineux élastique montres-bracelets

Énorme visage militaire Sport étanche chronomètre Date alarme lumineux élastique montres-bracelets